Luis Rodriguez

Founding Partner

Luis brings over 20 years of advertising, design and production experience to the mr.h team. He is responsible for quality standards across the whole of the agency’s output, contributes to our creative product and makes sure that everything is delivered on time and on budget.

Starting his career at TBWA he was trained ‘properly’ by advertising’s old timers before the world went digital and therefore learned the hard way when mistakes were not so easy to rectify.

An eye for detail and an old fashioned dedication to quality is still paying dividends for our work today, although, more and more, he finds himself applying his critical eye to digital products rather than analogue ones.

Trevor Heley

Founding Partner

Prior to co-founding mr.h Trevor held senior management positions at a number of London based agencies heading up client service teams, leading pitches, managing contractual issues and developing effective collaborations with a wide range of business partners.

He has worked with clients of every size and complexion, private and public, niche brands to global plays, up to board and ministerial level in sectors such as fmcg, drinks, automotive, consumer electronics, retail, media, luxury goods and travel.

An all-rounder, and a bit of a workaholic, who is truly media neutral, he enjoys all aspects of brand communications and finds digging around in the meta data of campaign planning and spotting new opportunities as much fun as the origination of creative ideas.

Away from the office his passions are rugby, snowsports, motor-racing and fishing.