Who is mr.h?

mr.h is a small, award winning, agency staffed by an eclectic mix of creatives, strategists, techies and story-tellers.

“Multi-disciplinary” is the best way to describe us.

We provide a range of services from helping you to identify and assess growth opportunities, to advertising, design and the creation of branded content.

Digital communication is a major part of what we do, from innovative digital display campaigns to web design/development, social media and eCRM.

We work with leading edge technologies and with some of the UK’s best media specialists to develop and optimize these campaigns, but always take a 360 degree view –as an independent company with no vested interests we are free to recommend any route or solution that we feel appropriate, not one that suits a parent or holding company. Considering all of the touchpoints that consumers’ may have with a brand and the reality that these are increasingly not in traditional media channels we feel that this is important.

Our production resource is capable of implementing your campaign almost anywhere in the developed world. Our work currently appears across multiple platforms in the US, throughout Europe, across Scandinavia as well as in the UK.