This is the Norwegian Tourist Board - one of mr.h's longest standing Clients. Our work is usually in association with third parties including carriers, hospitality brands and tour operators, and runs in the UK, the US, and across Europe.

A social media idea with global reach

The purpose of this campaign is to showcase the depth of Norway as a travel destination: the lifestyle, the food, and, of course, the landscape.

"Every year 2 million sheep are released into the forests and mountains without supervision. They are free to roam anywhere including into the cities, towns and villages.

Who better to introduce us to Norway than these woolly explorers?"

Central to this is the notion that Norwegian sheep are as opinionated as Norwegian’s themselves, and as different too, with distinct regional characteristics. Each sheep has an individual personality with a unique outlook on life.

Designed principally for facebook and instagram, the campaign was designed for maximum reach – achieved through a combination of owned, earned, bought and borrowed media.

The content consisted of a series of short videos shot on location in Norway supported by stills photography that sustained a slightly crazy summer-time adventure that mixed beautiful views with sassy, funny or witty insights about Norwegian culture.

To help launch the campaign we invited a number of high-level influencers to Norway to join the sheep on their adventures. These influencers came from as far away as the west coast USA to participate in the shoot, capture their own material and arrange takeovers of the global and local SheepWithAview pages.

mr.h’s involvement extended from providing the idea, to generating all content, managing influencers, seeding to press and other social outlets, devising the paid media strategy and being responsible for monitoring the global reach.

In three months our sheep reached a social audience of almost 8 million and netted over 14,300 new instagram followers. The campaign won Silver at the 2016 Adrian Awards.

Digital panels in the Big Apple.

Digital posters in Times Square formed part of a wider campaign targeted to affluent Americans living in the Tri-State region.

Social Fire

Just one of many innovative digital campaigns that mr.h has implemented for Norway’s New York office, mr.h worked with Sizmek to create a behaviourally targeted campaign on facebook which combined pre-roll video with expanding panels and rich media content offering a range of different engagement opportunities.

Powered by Nature

Marketing for Norway spans all seasons of the year and a number of special interest markets, specifically, skiing, hiking, cycling and fishing. Every year we help Norway to implement numerous multi-platform campaigns that address these different sectors and target audiences. Typically these involve press, dm, outdoor TV, branded content, email activity and a great deal of digital innovation. With our help Norway has been incredibly successful. In the last 12 months visitors from the UK have increased by 12% and those from the US market by a staggering 33%

How to catch a 571/2lb salmon

This retro styled direct marketing campaign achieved a response rate of 11%. Yes, you read that correctly, 11%. A success that can be put down to good planning and a creative approach that had obvious appeal to our target audience.